Introducing the Women’s Financial Accountability Project

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Welcome to the Women’s Financial Accountability Project!

Our mission is to help women achieve their financial and life goals.  As planners we help clients identify their priorities and create strategies to help them get there, and that is great stuff.  But more importantly, we keep our clients accountable to their goals.  We provide a place to discuss the intersection of money and life, make informed financial decisions and celebrate money and life achievements.

For some of you, financial planning and thinking about money may sound  as exciting as going to the dentist, however, the reality is that women involved in financial planning experience more optimism about the future, more peace of mind in the present and the ability to put more energy and focus on other life issues like family and work.

This blog is devoted to helping you, whether you work with a planner or not, understand your priorities, align your money with your and values, and stay energized around your financial goals.  We hope to inspire you, reassure you, show you some tools and keep you engaged with your money.  No one is successful at anything without focus…why should money be any different?

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Carolyn Ozcan, MBA and Beth Remick CFP®

Ithaka Financial Planning, LLC

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